Fucus vesiculosus - Blæretang

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Fucus vesiculosus (commonly known as Bladder wrack) is a brown algea which grows in salt- and brackish water. The plant has a 10-100 cm long, flat and fork-shaped thallus. (multi-cellular plant organ not organized in root, stem and leaf).It has a leathery texture and has air bladders which are usually paired.

Long-term weight reduction and other incredible benefits.
Fucoid is made from Norwegian Bladder wrack and targets people who want to lose weight. Fucoid helps reduce the feeling of hunger and urge, which will give you a slimmer body and healthier lifestyle through weight reduction. Through new biotechnology, the active ingredients in seaweed have become far stronger and effective than before. (Medis)Many people who struggle with weight problems have an excessive intake of calories. The body has been learned that it needs a greater intake of food than it actually needs, which will result in weight gain over time. It is important to emphasize that hunger does not always mean that your body needs nourishment.Fucoid from seaweed contains 66 nutrients. Those nutrients get recognised by the brain and as a result, you will feel full. When taking Fucoid your body will adapt to a proper energy level and consumption. In addition, there is evidence that seaweed provides a better energy metabolism. Unfortunately, it is found that 95% of those who follow a diet will regain the lost weight. Fucoid is a long-term option for those who want to lose weight and maintain this weight loss over time. You can find more than 900 studies at PubMed that show all the great health benefits of using Fucoid (fucoidan).Gastrointestinal system:The intestinal health is initially linked to complex environment that is related to acidity and nerve control. It has been found that Fucoidan can be of great help to improve intestine health.Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is one of the major diseases caused by a disoriented intestine. It has been observed that the intake of Fucoidan inhibits selectin and has also been shown to inhibit leukocyte proliferation in different tissues.It´s been found that treatment with Fucoidan leads to a reduction on how the leucocyte acts in the large intestine and when there is a mucous membrane damage. A research suggested that Fucoidan reduces myeloperoxidase (MPO) activity in mice that have been exposed to DSS. The results of the study showed that Fucoidan controls tissue damage and leukocyte infiltration. These findings are in line with the fact that Fucoidan helps to treat inflammatory bowel disease.   

B6, B12, C Plant sterols, Polysaccharides, Lectines, Tannines 

More information about Fucoidan:

Animal and human studies have shown that Fucoidan is useful for people which suffers from osteoarthritis. For example, a study on humans found that osteoarthritis was significantly reduced when Fucoidan extracts were given orally.

Fucoidan is useful for inflammation.

There are many people who suffer from a condition called "liver fibrosis" which is caused by toxins or pathogens entering the liver. Recent studies have revealed that Fucoidan is useful against liver injury and stops liver fibrosis.
Radiation injuries can also be treated through the Fucoidan.Fucoidan is also useful for the brain and provides neural protection. It has shown promising effects in protecting the brain's function. For example, rat studies have shown that the Fucoidan is vital for the brain to function properly.
Fucoidan has also shown inhibitory effects on different viruses.
Fucoidan also protects the kidneys in several ways. Studies have suggested that the intake of orally administered Fucoidan can prevent chronic renal failure or Heymann nephritis. It is, however, important to underscore that this study was performed on rats. 

Fucoidan can help to absorb and remove harmful chemicals, drug residues, heavy metals and radioactive strontium-90 from the body, thereby helping to reduce the risk of poisoning. The herb has a softening and cleansing effect on the body and may help with enlarged lymph nodes and tumors. Algae extracts also contain substances that inhibit the growth of cancer cells, an effect well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine. For example, it shows prosperties protecting against breast cancer. Researchers in Canada who have investigated the low incidence of breast cancer in Japanese women believe that this may be due to the iodine and selenium content in the pliers they eat. Animal testing also suggests that iodine is transported from the blood to breast cancer cells, which trigger apoptosis ( the cancer cells destroy themselves)

Modern research suggests that bladder wreck can be an alternative to soy supplements to enhance women's health. A study published in 2004 reported that women eating bladder wreck experienced normalization of short menstrual periods and relief of severe PMS. 


Fucoidan, Iodine, polysaccharides, Beta Carotene, zeaxanthin, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, G, selenium
Essential fatty acids, Fiber, sodium, potassium. 

Beneficial for:

 Weight loss, energy metabolism, The immune system, immunomodulator, heart, anticoagulating

Gastro-intestinal system, kidneys, the thyroid, The brain, cleansing effect.

May be used for:

weight Problems, Fatigue, heart disease, radiation Damage, IBS, osteoarthritis, inflammation, liver Fibrosis,
Some types of viruses. 

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